Community Partnership with Pacific E-Recycling

by Chris Reynolds

Nampa, Idaho - We are proud to announce a new partnership with Pacific E- Recycling!Pacific purchases almost all varieties of scrap metal including vehicles, catalytic converters, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, miscellaneous scrap, ferrous, non-ferrous, and more!

Pacific’s E-Recycling ensures that materials used to make these electronics are disposed of properly and safely. Help protect our environment by recycling your personal or business electronics.

In addition, you can trust Pacific to keep any personal information secure on the electronic device until it’s final destruction.The Horsemen will join in with Pacific to Recycle Idaho! Welcome to the Posse!

If you are have old electronics, gadgets and wires or you are a business that need to strip those computers of sensitive information contact Steve Rundell with Pacific Steel & Recycling

For more information visit