Former Vallivue High School kicker & D- linemen, Braydon Ary back for 2024

by Horsmen

We are excited to announce that former Vallivue High School kicker & D- linemen, Braydon Ary will be back for the 2024 season. 
Braydon came to the Horsemen in 2022, asking to tryout for the team.  Realizing how young he was, it was a point to ask about his college aspirations.  Braydon indicated to the coaches that he had no aspiration to attempt to play college football again after his previous experience.  He had started a career in construction  and enjoyed his job.  
At the time, we had 2 other kickers trying out for the kicking job.  Braydon proved to be more consistent than the other kickers and ultimately  won the spot.  
After earning the kicking role on the team, Braydon informed the coaching staff that he also played d-line in highschool.  After being brushed off a few times, Braydon received the opportunity  to jump in at d-line.  It was no turning back.  Our kicker had become one of our best d-linemen.  He maybe small in stature, but continuely made big time plays.  He's the ultimate  diamond in the rough!
After his 1st indoor season with the Horsemen, Braydon received another professional  opportunity  with the Billings Outlaws of the Champions Indoor Football league (CIF).  After a coaching change, Braydon was released, returned home and ultimately landed back with the Horsemen. After his return, Braydon help the Horsemen  win our 2nd Championship in 4 seasons.
Braydon is the first in Horsemen history to kick a duece! He is the 2nd in AWFC history to kick one and leads the league kicking dueces with a total of 2.
Braydon is back and ready to take on the National Arena League! 
Welcome back Braydon!

Idaho.... Get your season tickets!  The 2024 season will be the best one yet as we take on the National Arena League (NAL... A League of many CHAMPIONS)
Graphic Deign by BennieVibes Designs
Original Photo by Mike Reid/Mike English