Idaho Horsemen Fall to Sioux City Bandits in Home Finale

by The Posse

Nampa, ID — The Idaho Horsemen's struggles in the National Arena League (NAL) continued last night as they faced off against the Sioux City Bandits at the Ford Idaho Center. Hampered by ongoing roster issues, including travel constraints and injuries, the Horsemen have found it difficult to regain their former dominance. This instability has particularly affected their quarterback position, leading to a faltering offense that once was an unstoppable force.

The Bandits took full advantage of the Horsemen's vulnerabilities, controlling the first half of the game. The Horsemen's defense, which has often managed to keep opponents in check early on downs, eventually gives way. Fourth down conversions, a persistent problem for the Horsemen this season, once again proved costly as the Bandits capitalized on several key opportunities.

Sioux City quickly established control, with the Horsemen struggling to find their footing. Despite their efforts, the Horsemen only managed to score just before halftime, trailing with a score of 20-6.

In the fourth quarter, the Horsemen's offense finally found some rhythm, showing glimpses of the potential that had previously made them formidable contenders. However, their defensive unit was unable to make the necessary stops to complete a comeback. The Bandits' relentless attack continued, eventually sealing the Horsemen's fate with a final score of 56-34.

This defeat marks the Horsemen's fifth loss ever at the Ford Idaho Center, a venue where they have traditionally enjoyed strong support and success. The result also concludes their home games for the season. The Horsemen will now turn their attention to their upcoming away game against the Colorado Spartans, hoping to address their issues and end the season on a high note.

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