AWFC Football Headed Back to the Tri-Cities

by AWFC Insider

Kennewick WA -  The American West Football Conference has been working with Rage Sports LLC, a Washington State Limited Liability Corporation to bring pro football back to the Tri-Cities.  After the unexpected closure of the Tri-Cities Fire prior to the 2020 season, local business-man Brandon Tate stepped in to offer his help to salvage the AWFC 2020 season by offering to play games with his local semi-pro team, the Tri-City Rage. The Rage would have stood-in for all the away games that the Fire was scheduled to play.   Due to COVID -19, the 2020 season was pushed back later in the year and eventually canceled on August 1,  2020.  Although the team never stepped onto the field as the Rage, many of the players of the Rage played also for the Tri-Cities Fire organization.  Being that many of these players were already with the Fire, the fill-in games would have kept the same level of play, just under a different name, uniform, and ownership.

Rage Sports LLC  and the AWFC is working to bring Indoor Football back to the Tri-Cities by 2021 or 2022.  The excitement of indoor football was back in the area after the closure of the Tri-Cities Fever and unfortunately, it was stripped away from the community without notice.  The American West Football Conference and Rage Sports LLC have plans to give pro indoor football back to the community as it deserves.

The business of Indoor Football is not an easy endeavor, but with the help of the community and having a local ownership group, Rage Sports LLC could be successful and provide the community with a continued source of family fun entertainment.  

Please follow the building of the new organization on our social media pages and eventually the release of the team's social media and website.  More information coming out soon!