Donnell Jackson Jr. Joins the Horsemen

by insider

Staff Announcement:
The Idaho Horsemen are thrilled to announce the addition of Donnell Jackson Jr. to our football program as the new Wide Receivers Coach. With an impressive background in both playing and coaching football, Coach Jackson brings a wealth of experience and a deep connection to the Idaho community.
Donnell Jackson Jr. played his high school ball out of Texas and graduated in 2007. He continued his football journey by playing at Texas A&M University-Kingsville before embarking on a remarkable career in the military. Donnell served actively for eight years and was a member of the National Guard for three years. His dedication and commitment to service are qualities that will undoubtedly inspire our athletes.
Coach Jackson's coaching journey began in 2015, and his passion for the game has been unwavering. Notably, he took the first Idaho AAU team to face the #1 team in the nation, the IE Ducks, and earned a ranking of #7 in the nation by Battle and Under the Radar. Coach Jackson has also played a pivotal role in training several Treasure Valley players who have gone on to excel in college, some even reaching the Division I level.  Coach Jackson is currently the Freshman Head Coach and Varsity WR coach at Mountain View HS in Meridian.
Donnell Jackson Jr. became part of the Idaho community in 2010 and stayed until 2012 before returning in 2015, making this state his home ever since. His commitment to Idaho extends beyond his coaching career, as he has followed the Idaho Horsemen since day one. He even had dreams of playing for the team but faced adversity when he suffered a knee injury.
Now, Coach Jackson is eager to contribute to the Idaho Horsemen in a different capacity, and he's determined to help our team stay champions as we embark on our journey in the National Arena League. His love for the game, dedication to the community, and his deep connection to the Horsemen make him a valuable addition to our coaching staff.
Welcome aboard, Coach Donnell Jackson Jr.! #PosseUp