Horsemen falls 34-33 to Colorado

by Arena Football Statement

Photo by Mike English Photography 

By: Arena Football Statement - 

The Colorado Spartans win their second straight game with a nail-biting 34-33 victory at Idaho.  The Idaho Horsemen Indoor Football team had every opportunity to win it.  They were +3 in the turnover margin, and showed some late game heroics.  They had a first and goal inside the 5 on two straight 2nd half drives and came away with no points.  Perhaps these close games is why every roster should have a quality kicker on the team.  Many suspect the kicker just takes up a needed roster spot for someone else.  However, one or two field goals equals a Horsemen victory.  The Spartan pass rush is absolutely lethal!  While Austin Schafer did amazing at not turning the ball over, he had to get rid of the ball quickly on so many different plays.  A couple drops by one of his best receivers didn't help.  The Spartans overcame 4 interceptions and won by a point.  They deserve credit for their gritty defense