Undefeated Season (12-0)

by The Posse

Nampa, Idaho- They did it Idaho..... 12-0 Babyeee ..Perfection!!!

These guys played 3 games in 8 days without 1 complaint. They are just amazing individuals. Our coaches are relentless, our dance team is show stopping, our staff and volunteers are the back bone to everything that has been displayed thus far, and our fans is the gas to this vehicle, that keeps moving forward.

The Idaho Horsemen traveled to Reno, Nevada for the last and final game of the season against the Reno, Express.  The Express was determined to be the first team to knock off the (11-0) Idaho Horsemen.  With a few touchdowns called back and few questionable call by the official, the Express held the lead for majority of the game and going into 4th quarter.  The Horsemen scored 21 points with 8 minutes left to take the lead and hold on to the victory 42-32.  The Idaho Horsemen finished the 2019 Inaugural American West Football Regulars Season (12-0(

One Community, One Team......and just One More! We are hosting the AWFC Championship at the Ford Idaho Center

Get your tickets to finish this up with us (July 28th). Pack the arena as we bring it home!

All Platinum Members have until Sunday to get their current seats locked in. Please help us inform everyone. (less than a week to get this done) More info on our website

All other fans ....Championship Tickets goes on sale July 1st


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